Audirvana Plus keep getting "No Response" in activity and beach ball OSX

I’m having a lot of trouble with Audirvana Plus. If i leave the programme running often it locks up beach ball on computer and "No Response"in activity Monitor, I more often than not have to restart or force quit Audirvana. On reload there is a variable number of albums and tracks loaded I have at least 1440 albums but loading to this level takes several hours if it even loads them all.

MAC MINI mid 2010 El Capitain 10.11.6. Audirvana Plus 3.2.19 (3703). Netgear Ready NAS 104.

Hello @bigh47, how are you connected to your DAC? Have you considered upgrading to 3.5?

USB from MacMini to Chord 2Qute DAC. Do you think 3.5 will work any better then?

I forgot to ask you the source of your music, does it is from your local library or a streaming service?

Since the upgrade is free for 3.2 users until Friday i recommend you to try it to see if you experience the same issue on it or not.

OK my system has the music files on a NAS Netgear 104, 2 x4TB drives, files are a mix AIF, FLAC and WAV majority 16/44, some hi-res 24/96 or 24/128 a few DSD.Audirvana is pointed to the files on the NAS in preferences.
I’ll look into updating to 3.5. Just looked at my setup. 3.5 is not offered as an option it says 3.2.19 is current option. Do I assume 3.5 does not run on OSX El Capitain 10.11.6? My iMac has already updated to 3.5 that is running 10.14.6 Mojave.

To get your free upgrade, you need to enter your license key on

The 3.5 can run on El Capitan or later so it won’t be a problem.

Thanks for that I have 3.5 loaded now. Looks like I will need to “play” a while to understand it. I can’t immediately see how many albums have loaded

If you go in the library section of Audirvana under the Album view you could see the count of tracks, albums and the duration of the whole library : image

I’m still getting inconsistent totals, but I’m investigating and trying to make a new definitive file for my music.
One thing I have noticed is that v3.5.33(3503) on MacMini opens Audirvana plus in stead of v3.5 when I try to log on to TIDAL.

It’s because your Tidal open Audirvana Plus by default. Why do you still have it in your computer?

I wasn’t sure if I needed to do anything with A+. So I shall juste delete it then?
Sorry to sound like an idiot.

It’s better to remove it to avoid conflict with Audirvana 3.5 like the one you described above.

Hi Damien3 I’m still having troubles, shall I carry on on this thread or start another one?

Hello @bigh47, do you mean you have problem with Audirvana even after you deleted the database?

I deleted the old versions and have made a new music source file on my NAS Netgear 104.
Audirvana is downloading from this new folder and the albums aren’t being seen in the correct order.
I’ll not answer further for a while I am pointing my iMac to the new folder now and I will wait until that has finished and see how that ends up on that computer.
I will contact you later.

Hi, still getting inconsistencies, not sure where to start. I have 2 computers running Audirvana although only 1 will be used for music. iMac 2015 running OSX 10.14 Mojave and Audirvana 3.5 the other is MacMini 2010 running OSX 10.11 El Capitan and 3.5. I was getting inconsistent numbers for the amount of data loaded from my music file they are still not exactly the same but within 8 albums of each other.

Main queries seem to be where are these .iql files? I can’t see them on either machine I’m assuming they are some sort os local storage as Audirvana still seems to work even if I take away a location for the music file. Is there anyway of resetting/clearing the system and do a fresh load? I am still getting double entries for some albums.
Other point is where has batch edit gone? Editing leaves a lot to be desired, why does the artist list not just have a section of artist shown against each album, having every single artist for every track is as real mess when you are editing the metadata in such a small window.

Where is the user manual for 3.5?

I am prepared for these answers to be my fault but I can’t at the moment see where i am going wrong.

As always any help will be very much appreciated.

Hello @bigh47, you need to click on the three dots next to Reply and you need to select this icon:

By default the audirvana databse is stored here:

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 09.09.42

On my iMac I get nothing after /users/XXXXXXX/Library/Application Support/
No Audirvana/ etc .

The only .sqlite files are folders called :-
AEAnnotation …local.sqlite

Then the same files with-shm, then -wal after the sqlite

MacMini I can find no files/folder.

Bothe machines have the pathway you showed in your last response with my name in the space, but as I have sai that pathway does not seem to exist.

Hello @bigh47, you do not have a audirvana folder in application support?