Audirvana randomly removing an album from favourites?

Has anyone had this problem when turning on Audirvana and seeing than an album is randomly removed from your favourites after it has already been added there before? It is getting very annoying after adding that album, seeing the next time that it has somehow disappeared from my favourites. I tried re-downloading it, but same story happens. It is always the same album that gets removed. How can I fix it?

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Hi @Gallus780,

Can you send some screenshot of what you are talking about?

I can’t send a screenshot, the problem is exactly as I describe it. I add an album in favourites (with a heart), but after I restart Audirvana, the album is no longer in favourites. And I have to add it again. This affects only the same album.

Ok then can you send us one track of this album at

It has 26 tracks, are you sure only 1 will do the job?

I will first try to reproduce your behavior with one track, I will ask you the others if needed.

Alright, I sent it. I also have to say that the track itself stays in favourites, only the album gets removed.