Audirvāna Remote Beta test is LIVE

Welcome to our Android beta tester program :iphone:

If you are interested by trying the new tablet mode of the Remote and it’s latest updates, please contact me on the forum via a private message.

After being added to the program, please uninstall the previous version of the Audirvāna Remote app you have and follow the instruction bellow:

  1. Go on Audirvāna Remote page and scroll to the bottom of it, an option to join the beta program will be displayed.

  2. Join our test in Google Play on Android:

or Join our test on the web:

  1. The enrollment will take a few minutes, then install the Remote app, you will the name of the app in the Google Play store changing for:

Audirvāna Remote (beta)

If it’s not the case, this means your enrollment is not complete yet and you will need to wait a bit more and try again to install the app.

---------------------------Questions and Answers---------------------------

Where to give feedback/report an issue of the app?

I first ask you to NOT send your feedback/report by mail, send it on the forum so I can answer you more quickly and if more users have the same issue as yours, it will be easier for prioritizing one over other.

What I need to give feedback/report?

Please give us the Android version and the screen size info you can get here:

How long will last the beta?

Until beta testers feedback give the green light for release, the beta will keep on going

How to stop being part of the program?

You need to uninstall the app, go on Audirvāna Remote page and scroll to the bottom of it, an option to leave the beta program will be displayed

I do not have an Android device, when the iOS beta will start?

Pretty soon actually, I will do another post when it will be ready and give you a quick guide on how to join it.

Have a great test and enjoy the tablet mode (and many more) :wink:

hello, I would like to join the remote program

Hi @Jaroslav_Opalka, please send me a private message (click on my icon then click on “Message”) with the mail linked to your Google Play app and I will add you to the list.