Audirvana Remote crashes when displaying booklet PDF


I experience constant crashes of the Audirvana Remote App on Android when I open a booklet PDF (if an album has one). The PDF is downloaded, then the display shows empty pages and the app crashes a second later. This happens every time and with any album.

Audirvana Remote 1.2.5 on Android 7.1.2 (Google Nexus 7 Tablet)
Audirvana 3.5.37 on macOS 10.14.6

Any hints or solutions?

best regards

Hello @till, does the crash occurs from booklets stored in your local library Albums?

Hi Damien,

the booklets belong to albums in my Qobuz streaming account. They are displayed correctly in Audirvana on my Mac (so the PDF seems to be okay) and in the official Qobuz app on the tablet (so no PDF problem there).

Thanks & regards

Hello, the booklet are too big for the RAM of your device in your Tablet, this is why it makes your app crashing. We will figure this out in a future update of the Remote.

Hi Damien,
thanks for taking a look at this problem!
Is there a chance that the Android version of the Remote app is moving to version 2 like on iOS? Because the PDF issues do not occur on iOS. I can view all the booklets on an iPhone 6 (Remote 2.3, iOS 12.4.7), which also has 1 GByte of RAM like the Android tablet, without crashing.