Audirvana Remote does not connect

I cannot get Audirvana Remote to connect to the beta 2.0 version, whereas it connects to the 1.14 version of Audirvana studio

Hello @al1h,

Do you get an error while you try to connect?

No error,
Remote stays trying to connect.

Are you using the Android or iOS version of the Remote?

Audirvāna remote on iPad under iOS 15.6

The problem must be that Audirvana Remote sticks to the first Audirvana Studio version it has been connected to : I tried from my iPhone, which connected AS to the Beta 2.0, but then does not connect to AS 1.14…

additional info:

  • apparently, it is necessary to restart the Remote app to connect to one version, after trying to connect to the other version
  • even after restarting all machines (PC, iPhone, iPad) my iphone only connects to AS beta 2.0 and my iPad only to 1.15
  • in fact, to connect to the other version, it seems necessary to reselect the PC (although the PC is recognized by Remote when trying to connect), in order to get a new 6 digits authentication code
  • same thing is true for Audirvana 3.5