Audirvana remote ios 16 crashes

After installing ios 16 and the latest update 16.1.1 on my ipad pro i can log in the mac mini but the screen keeps shifting from library to inlog and doesn’t stop. On my Iphone is ios 15 installed. The remote does work here properly. Can this problem be fixed?

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FWIW…… I’m using a iPad Pro 2018 and a iPhone Pro max, both on iOS 16.1.1……and both connect fine with NO problems to my headless MacMini.
Have you tried reinstalling the app on your iPad?

Yes I did, it keeps happening. Very strange. May be it has to do with the mac mini? Its a 2011 running on high sierra, never had problems, until ios 161.1

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I reinstalled it again, it works until I go to an other app, then it starts all over again. I just discovered that when I close the app and reopen it again it doesn’t happen. Then again when I switch between apps it starts flipping.

Hi @Ditmar,

Can you please do a screen record of your issue and send it here or at [email protected]? I must admit I can’t clearly understand the issue you have.