Audirvana Remote iOS app can't connect to MacBook

Audirvana Remote iOS app can’t connect to MacBook
The corresponding PC is displayed on the same WiFi, but the number is not displayed in Audirvana of the PC body
The firewall settings are also as per the manual
I don’t know what to do

Are you using Audirvana 3.5 or the new Audirvana Studio?

If you are using Audirvana Studio there is as yet no remote app for it, and you are not alone in feeling very frustrated.
According to the Frequently Asked Questions on Audirvana’s website the remote app will be updated:
Very soon. Audirvāna Remote will indeed receive a major update for the Audirvāna Studio users following the global release of the new software. Users of the previous versions of the Audirvāna softwares can still use the Remote as it will detect the version of Audirvāna you have opened.

For most people “very soon” is likely to mean “give us a day or two and we’ll have it done”, but unfortunately it seems to mean at least a month or two (or maybe even five or six - only time will tell) in Audirvana’s world. :frowning_face:


Thank you for your quick reply

It’s not yet supported

Thank you very much for helping me

I have one less worry

Thank you, satoru.
I am glad that I was able to help you, but I am sorry that I was not able to give you better news.

Sionyn is sadly correct.

I have both Audirvana 3.5 and the new Studio installed. The remote, for me the Android version, works perfectly fine with 3.5, but it doesn’t work with Studio.

It sees the Studio server, but when I try to connect I get an error.

So yeah, we have to wait for the new remote software.

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Hi,try deactivating “Rescan network folders at each start”, maybe restart your remote and Audirvana and let us know. I had the connection problems just like several users of this forum and with this trick it finally works, another user in this forum discovered it.