Audirvana Remote Qobuz can't add Albums to favourites

Hi folks,

just got into audirvana and the remote app recently. I can’t figure out how to add albums to my favourites. Only works for songs. I don’t have that issue with Tidal though. Is this me or a bug?

Remote app is up to date. Using an iphone 6 with ios 12.4.3

Hello @iliketohideincloset,

Which version of audirvana are you using?

Hi @Damien3 ,

I am using Mac Version 3.5.26 (3556) running Mac OS 10.13.6. Hope this helps.

When you are on the Album display, do you have the add to favorite option when you tap on the three dots on the upper right of your screen?


I figured it out. There is an error in the german translation. Set my phone to english and found the add to favorite option. In german the option says “Album spielen als nächstes” which means “play next”. The correct translation would be “Zu Favoriten hinzufügen”.


Oh okay i see, we made the update of the translation, this will be implemented in the next update of the Remote :wink:

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Thats nice. Thanks. If you need any further input on the german translation feel free to contact me.

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