Audirvana remote use crashes Audirvana 3.5 for MacOS

It’s fine if, say, I’m moving from one song to the next in a playlist or album, but if I search and try to open another song, album, or playlist using the remote, the desktop app crashes every time. Have reinstalled several times but no change. This is using a Macbook and an Iphone, both with the latest (Feb 2020) software. What should I do?

Thanks, Robert

This is using Tidal within Audirvana, btw

Same thing for me… very enoying?

Experiencing the same issue after doing the update earlier today

I’m pretty annoyed with this bug. Been 4 days and no fix ! No music playing in my house. What’s the point of this software ?

I have a exactly same problem after update! :frowning:

Unfortunately i have the same issue with Audivana running on my MacMini. As soon as i select a track on Tidal via the remote app, the desktop app crashes instantly.

On my macmini the same problem since the latest update. When I select an album, track on Tidal with the remote app, Audirvana crashes. Could you please look into it Damien?
Many thanks.

So I take it there’s no actual help desk where we can, uh, get help?

Help desk wouldn’t be able to do anything for you. Pretty much everybody + the dog is aware that there is an issue with Tidal at the moment. Hold on and keep updating as new builds are released.

So you’re saying everybody is having this problem? How can they release code like this?

That’s software, it happens. Good news is that it will be fixed quickly since it affects a lot of people.

Same thing for me. Updated Audirvana this morning, now everytime I select a Tidal track to play using the Remote App, Audirvana unexpectedly quits on my Mac Mini.

I agreed, audirvana craches after last update when remote app is used.

One word: SHAMEFUL!..

you have to understand what value you give to this word …
in my part quickly means immediately, here as I have seen we have been complaining about the problem for several days …

I don’t feel the urge to defend Audirvana, but I get annoyed when people expect from others higher level of excellence than the one they usually provide in their line of business. Even worse, they somehow feel entitled to it just because they payed some 70 bucks.

I develop software for living and I know how hard it is and how sometimes despite your best efforts something creeps through the testing and you have a problem. It’s also sometimes better to think it through before rushing the fix that doesn’t really fix the problem and possibly create other issues. This is what probably happened here, we had couple of releases in quick succession. Let them work now in peace so you can have your fix as soon as possible.

Over time there were issues with pretty much every software vendor out there. Even with stuff that is much more critical than app to play music. You can get outraged as much as you want but that won’t speed things up.

Yes this problem is with TIDAL

So if I understand your words correctly because we pay only $ 70 for the Audirvana player, can’t we complain about the disservice that this software is offering us?
So when Audirvana presents its product and its specific flatteries it must also specify that for $ 70 it is normal to have a product that can offer problems !!!
It’s called “transparency”!
If we analyze the user interventions on the community we can see how many problems this player creates … they are infinite and of various kinds.

same thing also with my imac, after the last audirvana update when i try to open a song on tidal remotely with the iphone, the desktop application crashes … i hope this situation will be resolved in a short time because I see that the same problem has many users …