Audirvana remote used without PC

Hello Damien,

I just intalled Audirvana locally on my laptop but i intend to move to the following setup

  • database located on a box (freebox ideed)
  • flac files located on the same freebox
  • Integrated amplifier with UPnP over Ethernet network
  • Audirvana on desktop win10
  • Audirvana remote on familly Android smartphones

The question is that one : can the Audirvana remotes play files to the UPnP amplier if the PC is switched off ?


Bonjour @Bioz, La Remote a besoin d’une connexion à Audirvana pour pouvoir fonctionner, votre PC doit donc être allumé et connecté à internet avec Audirvana ouvert pour que la Remote puisse voir l’ordinateur et ce connecter sur ce dernier.

Merci, c’est ce que craignais. Ma box est un freebox mini 4K basée sur Android OS. Il n’hesiste pas de Audirvana core pour Android n’est ce pas ? Suggerez vous une autre methode afin d’éviter le multiplication des box, PC, tablettes ?

Which UPnP amplifier do you have? Maybe you can play the files on the Amp directly from the share on the Freebox.

it’s a Lyngdorf 3400

You can activate the UPnP Server functionality on the Freebox. A quick search pointed me to the FreeMi UPnP 2.0 Server.

Once you have the UPnP server running, you can browse your music from the Lyngdorf directly.

it seems that Audirvana remote doesn’t work if Audirvana core does’t run. So no way to work without PC

Correct, Audirvana remote is just to control the application running on the computer from where all the streaming happens.

If you have the UPnP server running on the Freebox, you can use the Lyngdorf app to stream directly from the Freebox.