Audirvana set ASIO buffer to its maximum

Hi all,

when i use Audirvana with my Lynx E44 card ASIO driver, the player always sets the buffer to the 8192 value. This is a real problem, because with such a high value, it is impossible to play 96k or 192k files without numerous clicks and pops. This does not happen when i use JRiver, but i need Audirvana for Qobuz.

The only alternative i found so far is to use the JRiver ASIO output, and then set JRIver’s audio driver to Lynx ASIO . In that case, the buffer value is not changed, but it does not work when playing 44.1KHZ or 48KHZ files.

I contacted Lynx but they told there is nothing they can do, since the value is set by Audirvana. Is there a setting somewhere where the buffer size could be fixed ?



It looks like a poor driver to me. Pops and clicks should be avoided by the driver. When I check the driver of my dac manually or via the settingspage of A+, it is set on auto. The driver picks the best buffersetting between 64 and 32768 samples. You can also set the value of your liking. You can also set mute during samplerate change.

You can enter the settingspage by using the stop button first to release your driver and klick the usb pictogram at the bottum right side of yous screen and select your device.

When you Set the ( usb) streaming mode to “reliable”, this might help. Mayby this option is not availlable for your sound card.

Well, i don’t think Lynx studio develop poor drivers … we are talking about professional products and not consumer or pseudo audiophile ones. This is a PCie soundcardcard that is considered to the best in the world, and it can handle 24/192KHZ with an ASIO buffer as low as 256 without any pops or clicks.

This is not a USB soundcard and although i thank you for your recommandations, these are not helpfull at all in my case.

Hi, the issue has been fixed with Audirvana version 1.3.5 and you can now specify whether you want to go with highest buffers or keep with the one that is defined in the ASIO control panel. I am really impressed by the way Damien handles submitted issues in a timely manner.