Audirvana software loses connection with Onkyo NR TX656

Downloaded the trial version of the Audirvana software and got it up and running, and after a while the software recognized my Onkyo network receiver and showed the DAC. Played it for awhile. Tidal and MQA and all working nicely. Syncronized my iTunes library, no worries. Then I l closed out and did other things. Came back, started the Audirvana APP and the Onkyo DAC has disappeared. So I do a reboot of the Onkyo app and the DAC reappears. I have now done this multiple times. In fact, I cannot utilize the Onkyo network service without rebooting the Onkyo, every time. The other DACS in the house that I have continue to show, one is a Samsung network TV, the other is a Yamaha streamer I use for outdoors. They show up all the time and do not lose the connection. But this is for the Onkyo, and it loses the connection every time. I need to reboot every time. Any ideas?

Hello @Backenst, I think you have a problem with the network card of your Onkyo, have you tried to switch between USB and UPnP connectivity of the Onkyo in Audirvana audio output.

Thank you for responding. And please excuse my ignorance but are you suggesting plug my computer into the usb input of the Onkyo? Or is there another setting in Audirvana to try?

By default your Mac search for new device in your local network constantly. Audirvana use the same thing to find your Onkyo UPnP connectivity. If your Mac can’t see your Onkyo then yes, we would like you to plug your computer to the usb input of your Onkyo and reboot it to see if your Onkyo is available in UPnP.

Thank you and I will give it a try. I am also going to upgrade to Catalina (?) the latest version of Mac software.

UPDATE: I have done the following.

  1. Tried USB. When I go to the NET setting on the ONKYO, it does not see Audirvana music server or files, simply says non USB files connected or thereabouts. So that did not work.

  2. Reset the entire Onkyo unit. Spent an hour or so resetting all the settings. Went to music server and saw “No Server Found.”

Still if I reboot the Onkyo, I can see the DAC through Audirvana and stream the first unfold of TIDAL to the Onkyo. So it does appear that this is an Onkyo issue. 2017 unit and I am no longer under warranty but Crutchfield, who I bought the unit through,. is contacting Onkyo trying to find a download or a solution.

I really want this to work. I will buy the software and the mobile app if I can get this working without having to reset settings every night!

When you connect the receiver via USB, you need to play files from Audirvana. Use USB input, not NET.

That is exactly what I did. The USB setting is under the Onkyo NET interface. So you have items like Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Music Server, and USB. Neither USB or Music Server connects to your software although I can connect to Tidal and Pandora without the first unravel of Tidal and the audio improvements. It is all really good but not Audirvana. I am close to giving up on this. But want to see if Onkyo comes back with a solution.