Audirvāna Studio Features and Tutorial

Practically 2 hours left - if living in Sydney … :wink:

I have the impression that it won’t happen today.


@thebiglebowski thank you man, true words. Was thinking about this last night when nothing happened around 12 pm.

Completely agree. They always do the same, I am a Roon user for life and an Audirvana user. Roon is just one of a kind, but since the new update which got a lot of hype and saucer, it has continual glitches and is very nasty at times. But it is UNIQUE. I use Audirvana when Roon drives me crazy and it works really well and sounds great, but no better than Roon. But with these updates they always do the same, they could say a specific time and so everyone would know when they can have the new software. I think it is something that does not cost that much and those of us who hope would know when we can perform our tests. Greetings to all.

For me it dont even have to be a specific time. But at least something like “Update will be live 12am - 14pm”. This cant be so hard…

It depends what they are fixing , the GUI program without the Remote would be pointless (to me at least)

Patience is a virtue :sunglasses:

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So I’m not the only one…sigh**

The 16th is rapidly drawing to a close… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There is an URL like but this is passowrd protected.
So it is 14:30 nearly in Europe and still no release. I am very dissappointed…

Where do I register for the Audirvana Software anyway?

pauvre chou :slight_smile:

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I have the password, but don’t work.

I don’t speak french, but if that is like the community is here, I might just stay away of it

On an international forum like this one there should be only one language: English


If the launch works so badly, how will the software work? I will stay with ROON!

DAMIEN is the kind of guy who wants to have a close to perfect product therefore if it is not yet available this is for quite good reasons…be patient boys Audirvana will last for years and do not forget this man was alone at the beginning and this is still a very small company ! he is a pure technician and surely not a marketing person …


There is a simple thing, don’t announce products, that are not ready.


That may be. But a few days have passed since the presentation. And if I announce a release date, I should stick to it. I’m curious to see if it’s still going to be something today.

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i agree with you and i also use Roon and Audirvana and this is quite difficult for me to choose whether i should forget one or the other …as long as i can afford …

Roon doesn’t play SACD ISO very convenient and important format in Audiophile World !

No Roon for me ! , I tried few times and it is ok but it is little limited in terms of different files support.