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Please consider creating a cheaper tier of Audirvana Studio for users that don’t care about the streaming functionality.

A version with just local playback and library management. No Tidal, no Qobuz, no radios nor podcasts. Just local playback.

It would be cool if it would be somewhere around half the price of the regular subscription or even better with perpetual license for major releases.

Great idea, esp if those ASH users could install…as an app…the streaming function on the fly and pay the monthly fee as they go.

In fact just sale ASH at a set price and offer subscription for the streaming ability.


I may switch to “Studio” soon. However, I prefer to still keep (my current) 3.5.45 available for installation in case my 8 year old WinPC breaks. I once started with 3.5.39 and that left some application bundle file in my download folder. But how would I be able to have this available for the “final” release then on a new PC ? will you continue to provide the updates up tp to 3.5.45 ? or provide any other means to retrieve an installation file ?

I think so, too.
I don’t need support for podcasts, internet radio, or HD streaming. In particular, Tidal, Qobuz and High ResAudio are not in service in my country.

Please create a cheaper tier of Audirvana Studio for users that don’t care about the streaming functionality !!


Can’t agree more with bitracer ! and the others above :wink:

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I have spent most of my business life in this kind of industry, but have hardly ever experienced a poorer rationale for a massive price increase: assuming you use the tool for 3 years, your bill will be almost 3x times as well, compared to the perpetual model. And the worst part of it: none of the additional features would give me (and maybe many others ?) any benefit at all. If I want to listen to quality streaming services I would always prefer the original provider’s front end. Quality meta data provision for my library could have been a benefit, hmm…one of many thinkable options the “customer survey” surprisingly did not reveal… I like the product and the company. But now some greedy investors must have taken over the regime. I feel very sorry for Damien. A genius like him deserves better business partners.


After seeing the video on FB last Sunday I had the same impression. I really hope that Damien is fully in charge at Audirvana.



I’m thinking Roon will take a page out of this book. Creating a subscription only fork and sun-setting the lifetime model. No benefit to the company to let lifers continue to reap the benefits of software upgrades when they don’t financially contribute.

Seeing how the eventual progress of things creates a full circle…I have a hunch that computer audio’s full circle will end with some familiar names.

At least for me, I see audio software as a piece of audio gear, its a part of the chain just like wire, dacs, preamps etc. I could never rent or lease my audio gear.

I paid $500 for Roon. Lifer’s now pay $700. We contributed plenty, thank you. I also paid $1119 for a Roon Nucleus directly from Roon. I paid Audirvana $96 in January. How much have you paid?

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Same…I ALSO ‘own’ Roon —and----Audirvana.

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Smart enough to build my own hardware…which is much better than a Nucleus for less $$ :laughing:

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Building a NUC is easy enough. I wanted turn-key and when Roon did a Black Friday sale I jumped on it.

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Its all easy…over the years I’ve probably owned a dozen audio ‘Core’ computers. For me this is a hobby, its all about the fun of building and experimenting. NUC’s, i3, i5, i7 embedded Atom processors and a bunch more…been there done that. Then there are ARM boards, been there too, everything from Beaglebone Black, Odroid, every Raspberry ever made, Cubieboards etc etc.

Been doing this for more than a couple of decades now…since the old Winamp days. Back when Kernel streaming was new and Otachan’s ASIO drivers were all the rage

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Am not really interested in the bells and whistles that Roon/Audirvana Studio offers, just want RELIABLE playback to my Cyrus Stream XP2/Volumio Pi/Laptop with Chord Mojo DAC.
Audirvana has become somewhat less than reliable since the last update.
Have just spent no more than an hour configuring MinimServer-BubbleUpNp to serve my locally stored files, and Qobuz, to all the above mentioned, all controlled via the Linn Kazoo controller app on my iPhone/iPad, or the desktop Windows app.
Works like a dream, and hasn’t crashed once.
BubbleUpNp costs £28 for an advanced license (free if you don’t want to tweak it too much), and £12 per year thereafter.
Goodbye Audirvana, it was nice whilst it lasted.

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I do not need the streaming function, so i bought the “old” 3.5 on the last day when it is still available.

The change in business model that ASH represents is a very disapointing decision. My fear is that it will bring even more people to streaming services, taking money away from musician’s pocket. Every actor in the musical market deserves his share, and I am willing to pay for every service (even app upgrades) that allow me to enjoy music. But the most important assets in the industry are the musicians, and we should make sure that they receive their due share. Streaming has been denying this for a long time now. I guess i’ll have to budget an Aurender or Auralic in the next few months.

but the case here He just stolen moeny 70 euros for studio …
They are thieves
Stop Apple arrive with HIFI …
audivarna studio = bullshit

Not stolen. Not bullshit. Not thieves.

New version of fab. Music player.

nothing change
are you dumb or pay by audivarna ??
podcast and so on … everybody care no sens : quality is not HIFI
Just stolen people … find other way
this company it is a shame

somebody know an other product ?