Audirvana Studio Linux + Bluetooth Speackers

My apologies if it was already discussed. If so, please point me.
I have mostly listened with headset, but some time wants to redirect to my Bluetooth speakers.
Does anybody have experience to pair RPI + Audirvana Studio with any Bluetooth speakers?

I have tried bluealsa but it is not created physical card in /proc/asound/cards and Audirvana does not see it. Do not have any idea yet how to play with this.

You might want to create a mpd+upmpdcli stack on your laptop/pc, with a PulseAudio output. This device would appear in Audirvana Remote as a UPnP player. From the PulseAudio Volume Control app on your laptop/pc you should be able to assign the Bluetooth Speaker to “Music Player Daemon”.
Just tried that on my desktop, works like a charm!
This works well if you are using a desktop environment. Is this your scenario?

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Thank you for reply, I got your point. This is good hack, need to check in my system.

Should you want to use Docker (that’s how I have deployed mpd with pulse), you can find a sample configuration here.
If you also plan to autostart mpd with alsa, it is better to use a user level systemd unit, some hints here.

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Thanks for advice!

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