Audirvana Studio: Possibility of making a multiple selection

Hi all !

I saw a topic about multiple albums selection in library.
But, I suggest to add this feature for any items in library.
The possibility to select multiple items (songs, albums, artists), with the SHIFT or CTRL keys, to add it somewhere (playlist?).

Currently, it’s very annoying to add a song to a playlist by “right click, add to playlist, to playlist” and having to repeat this for each song…

(Or, would I have missed the functionality?!)

My 2 cents.

In tracks view you can use that shortcut to select as many as you want. In albums view, when mouse pass over a cover, you have 3 dots option highlight to add that full album. In an album seeing tracks, you can select random songs also in one shot to add somewhere… all that on a Mac at least.

Hmmm, on Audirvana Studio (1.5.0), I don’t have this possibility. Really.
And, on the 3 dots option:

What version are you using? (maybe a regression from 3.5?)

Edit: I add the version in title topic, to be sure.

i’m on 10.15.7 with Studio 1.5
you can select with command key then drag the selection to a playlist that you made
same with 3dots… add to a playlist or copy then paste in your playlist

then you can rearrange that playlist like you want by dragging songs where you want them

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I can’t do that on my Audirvana, on Windows 10.
I recorded my test:
On the video, I press SHIFT, and after CTRL. Nothing happen.

If you can, maybe the Windows version is bugged? Or mine?
EDIT: If anyone can confirm, maybe I have to move the topic in debug section.

OK. I tried blindly. It’s work.
Bug: On Windows, the lines don’t turn blue !

I noticed that the videos were not accessible. Sorry for that…
It’s solved in the latest version.
Thanks and bye :wink: