Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

I’ll definitely end up subscribing at some stage. I do like AS and everything works only after the last update. Not great that the remote is not out yet but I’d rather late than broken. I’ve been an Audirvana user since version 2 I think. It’s been a sweet ride till this launch which we all know now was premature.
I use a lot of software as part of my work but have stayed away from anything that involved a subscription. I do subscribe to a lot of services like Tidal, Netflix, Disney, etc. These are a bit different in that what happens when one stops subscribing to AS? Does the software stop working or can I still use it in its current state without getting further updates?

Of course, it stops working if you stop paying subscription. It’s not a software for which you can buy a license.

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For what seems to have been explained here and there, it seems that AS will simply stop operating whenever the user decides to end the subscription. No fall back, nothing.
If you end an AS subscription but have kept A3.5, you may use it again for as long as your computer OS will support it, or for as long as Audirvana operates as a concern, whichever ends soonest.


but i also just want support then id buy

Je suis pour une extension de la période d’essai afin de pouvoir m’abonner à un logiciel qui fonctionne parfaitement ce qui n’est pas le cas pour moi actuellement.
J’espère que cela sera le cas car nous sommes actuellement dans une période de bêta test et tous les retours de problèmes n’ont pas été réglés.
AS est une belle évolution d’Audirvana plus qui fera le bonheur des audiophiles que nous sommes. Elle sera une belle alternative à Roon.

My free trial is approaching its end but, thus far, I have not been able to test a working product. In addition to the absence of a remote, Kernel Streaming has never worked for me and this is the major, potential step forward for a non streaming user. I would like to have a one month trial of a WORKING product.

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Reading all those comments, I am puzzled at the use of future to describe all the fully functioning bells and whistles, or solution for the bugs.
How does that tally with the present tense for subscription payment.
I cannot help thinking that it conjures up to participation in National Lottery draws…

In the previous system, to which I am aware Audirvana will not go back, the customer could at least buy a software on a “Here and Now” state, give or take some inevitable minor bugs that minor updates would seek to eke out.
The anticipation for new bells and whistles would be formulated for future versions.
There was a coherence in the time perspective.

The inconvenient of a subscription system for a software like Audirvana Studio, which does not generate any resources and merely aggregate them, is that it piles an extraordinary pressure on the developers to provide “Here and Now” all manners of bug solutions, new functionalities, user interface tweaks, etc…
The frenzy of comments and often well founded complaints of the last few weeks is very much a marker of that.

Clearly, Audirvana SAS was not prepared to that, and came cross as a bunch of rabbits caught in the headlights. There is an awful lot to observe, and many lessons to take in for Audirvana SAS about the psychology of customer relations.
Acknowledgment and Responsibility amongst others…


That is a very good point about WORKING product. When you get offered a free trial of any product such as Qobuz, Roon, Spotify, Anti Virus software, Microsoft Word etc it is a fully tested, fully functional, fully working product. AS quite clearly is none of these. @Antoine you really should consider offering at least one more month of a free trial, if not to everyone certainly to people who have bought the previous version of Audirvana.


After a couple of posts/snips on here with regard to the Studio log file continuously being filled with entries regarding the 2 sky boxes on my LAN, and the never-ending saga of file analysation never completing, I thought I’d try yet another fresh install of Studio. My fifth attempt iirc.
I also unplugged both Sky boxes, and re-imported my local music files.
Analysation only took a few minutes for the progress bar to reach 100%, before again appearing to stall. However the log file had no entries with regard to the Sky box IP addresses.
After waiting a couple of hours I then decided to plug in one of the Sky boxes, and lo and behold the log file immediately began to fill with errors regarding the Sky box IP address.
So after almost a couple of weeks battling with Studio, and with no feedback from @Antoine /the dev. team with regard to either mine or indeed anyone elses problems posted on here, it’s apparent that I’m really just wasting my time trying getting it to work satisfactorily, and to be honest am getting a little tired of being a Beta tester.
An extension to the trial period would appear to be a no-brainer as there would appear to be many bugs requiring correction, as would the release during this extended period of a working remote app.
So it looks like I’ll be sticking with 3.5.46 for as long as it works.
I may pop back in a few months to see if any progress has been made, unless I manage to find a more complete and bug free solution.
In it’s present state, Studio, to me at least, is a massive fail.


You should apply the same principal for the Audirvana Studio. You subscribe if the current version satisfies your needs. With the subscription it’s even more granular. If you don’t have confidence you could buy month per month and see how it goes. In that sense it de-risks your commitment. That’s pretty much the only positive aspect of the subscription model.

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That’s normal. Check if you can disable the UPnP/DLNA functionality on the Sky boxes if you don’t use it for other things.

I don’t think it would be fair to the people that already purchased subscriptions. If you’re not convinced with Audirvana in its current state, check it out after some months. Subscription makes it relatively inexpensive to jump in and jump off if you’re not satisfied.


That’s part of the value of this forum for me. I can get a sense of the state of the product so as to determine if/when I could even entertain subscribing. At the rate things are going that point seems like it is months away.

That depends on the feature that you’re waiting for, or the issue you’re having. It’s also dependent on your setup. For some users it’s already working great, for others less so.

Remote, my guy. Remote.

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Very true, but the psychology of the subscription model, more than in other models, is that the customers’ hope of seing the product’s bugs remedied or new feature added makes them press on with subscription in fear of missing out on the solution or feature they crave for.
The supplier is relying on a very human fear of missing out which lives in all of us.
That fear may not be very rational a behaviour, but it mostly is how we are made.

For instance, Audirvana has never advertised a roadmap of evolutions as a commitment to its customers, and in a subscription model, this lack of visible commitment could lead to a cynical manipulation of customers’ expectations. That is called “throttling” the customer.

That phenomenon is not new, nor is it exclusive to the subscription model.
For example, Apple has made its iPhone evolve by creating a mix of seduction and frustrated expectation that has throttled their customers from one iPhone/IOS generation to the next.
Do you remember how the first iPhone/IOS had no fully functioning copy and paste, when Apple had adopted this in their OS as early as in the 80’s?

That system cannot work eternally, as the customer always ends up realising the manipulation.
But before it happens, Billions can be raked in.

Think of the expectation of a National Lottery player, who plays each and every week, in the hope of a gain, even if the actual chances of a significant win are in fact extremely remote.
I might win next week… I might win next week…


The remote is essential.


It is included in the price, so it should be ready to use, need it or not.


Bjr, ce qui est surprenant c’est que Audirvana plus 3.5 fonctionne parfaitement chez moi mais que AS a de gros problèmes de lecture alors que la configuration est la même. Ex: en mode UPnP seule la lecture des fichiers Master de Tidal et des fichiers hires de mon nas est possible. Autrement les fichiers Flac 16/44 se chargent mais ne sont pas lus… en mode USB la lecture des fichiers MQA de Tidal est mauvaise … ??? C’est incompréhensible. En 1 mois rien n a changé. Donc la seule solution est d’attendre plusieurs mois, de s’abonner pour un mois et de voir si le problème a disparu… J’ai connu des solutions meilleures. Cdt.

À mon avis, dans l’état actuel du lecteur et de ses utilitaires (remote manquante), il conviendrait d’en faire une beta publique jusqu’à ce qu’il atteigne une maturité qui le rendra propre à la commercialisation.