Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

yes remote please

Hello everyone,

We understand that you ask for a trial extension as you have not been able to experience the Remote with Studio for the moment. We are still working on it and improving it.

As the Remote is still in work in progress and will be available in the next couple of weeks, for everyone wanting to get a trial extension, please send us a mail at with the mail you use for your trial and we will give you 14 days extra time to your trial.

Note that since you may be a lot of people wanting it, our team will try to be as fast as possible to handle your extension request.


I would prefer a 30 day trial commencing at the point at which all major aspects of the program work properly. This will take longer than 14 days! - Or perhaps 1.4 for PC will fix everything.


@Antoine since it will take a couple of weeks before the remote will be ready, why not start a two weeks trail periode when the remote is ready to test?

This has the advantage that you will have enough time to index all those who want a remote trail period.

If you extend the trail now, you run the risk that the remote will not be available during the two weeks trail following this one and again, people will ask for a longer trail period.

You will save yourself and us, a lot of complaints and trouble if you first finish the remote and then instigate a ‘remote trail period’.


That’s a good point, actually we will communicate when the Remote will be available so the easiest way would be to respond to the mail we will send and the support team will handle the trial extension.


Thanks Damien.

Many thanks Damien for this proposition.
I will send an email to the support. :+1:

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What is the correct Support E-Mail Address. The address “support@audirvana” does not work for me!

I guess he forgot the ‘.com’, so try

Thanks, I did not want to assume as it’s a French company.

Thank you Damien. That’s an equitable solution to the issues with your program.

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Bonjour Damien,
l’extension de l’essai de 15 jours est une bonne nouvelle pour moi car Audirvana Studio ne fonctionne pas correctement. La télécommande passe après la résolution des différents bugs dont je vous ai fait part et pour lesquels je n’ai pas encore eu de réponse.
Merci à vous.

That’s a good point. Thank you for responding positively to our demand.

Have you tried updating Windows? Before updating Windows to version 21H1 (build 19043.1055), I could not get Studio (version 1.3) to play DSD files (without converting) in Windows 10 until now with kernel streaming. after the update it works. Go figure.

Thanks for the suggestion. Windows is fully up to date.

Do you have any news with regard to the Studio trial extension you announced last Friday?
I’ve emailed support@audirvana, but have yet to receive a response.
As my trial expires today will I be granted an extension, or should I give up now?
All in all, a pretty shoddy experience if I’m being honest.

Hi my trial period has expired today and even I’ve asked for an extension period, this promised extension is not there…
So I haven’t be able to try Audirvana Studio with the remote. It’s a shame. I think I will not continue with Audirvana Studio.
Am I the only one in this situation?

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Hi Le-Dom,

You are not alone. It’s the same for me. My trial is over, all along without a remote. I sent a mail last week, asking for an extension, following the instructions of Damien3, and got no reply.

…and me - see my rant in another thread.

Looks like the support team couldn’t even deliver on Damiens offer of a trial extension!
How do you say pathetic in French?