Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

Looking at the bright side… at least the subscription expiry is working well in this software. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aside from some time zone problems. But you know, can’t have everything :wink:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The expiry works well I agree.
However when I click on ‘Go to your account page’ …nothing. No re-direction.
My confidence levels in Audirvana are being rapidly depleted.

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That would translate as pathétique according to my translation app.

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I really feel bad for everyone who wanted to have a good experience trialing AS.

Wait for the Remote to be out, it’s pointless to request the trial extension now.

Not for me it isn’t.
It’s taken almost 3 weeks for me to finally coax Studio into finishing it’s analysation of my files (I could only get this to work by adding each of my alphabetically organised music folders manually, one at a time), so it would be nice to actually play with the software for a bit to determine whether the constant crashes I suffered previously (and as reported on here) were caused by the analysation process, or a by-product of poor software.

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My Windows AS still hasn’t completed it. I’m waiting for 1.4 to finally arrive before trying again.
Currently I’ve hooked up my Mac to my sound system and it has been running both 1.3 and 1.4 fine so far. No freezes or crashes and it completed the whole analyzation thing in one go :slight_smile:

I’ve subbed for a year, with the 3.5 discount, and see how it goes. If the Windows version was as stable as the Mac version, it would have been much better already.

About the remote app. I have it for 3.5 and it works fine with both the Mac and Windows versions of that program. But I don’t need it for my daily use. :slight_smile:

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Did you get a discount for missing remote?

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Nope. Just the 20 euro discount because I have a 3.5 lifetime. And I’ve subbed end of May.

I think it’s better to be precautious and to wait for the remote.

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Well. I have the 3.5 remote. But I barely use it, because I’m listening to music while busy with my computers. (Both my MacBook Air and my Windows laptop). I don’t run Audirvana on a server or something. So not having a remote isn’t an issue for me.

And for A3.5, do you have two licenses, one for the Mac and one for the PC?

Yes. 3 years ago was when I first discovered Audirvana. And bought a license for my Mac. A year later I bought a license for Windows when the Windows version got released.

You have all you need.
I may be wrong, but it seems to me that they said on the Facebook presentation that one can renounce to his A3.5 license, and get some advantage for AS. I forgot what exactly.
Do you know what I’m talking about?

No idea to be honest. Only thing I am aware of is that you can get a 20 Euro discount on the first year of subscription to Studio when you own a 3.5 lifetime. And that discount I did get.

That’s what actually got me to subscribe. Because until then I only used the Windows version of AS, which is buggy and very unstable here. I’ve only installed AS on my Mac when 1.3 was released.

My experience so far on the Mac is far better. It runs stable, did all the analyzing things in one go. Windows AS still gets stuck at 15% done and never completed it, so I’m waiting for 1.4 to finally arrive. And I hope it really fixes a lot of stuff.

So yeah. I wasn’t going to subscribe if I didn’t have the discount. But for 50 Euro I was like, ok I can give it a shot. Especially since I already had a yearly sub on Qobuz. And Audirvana makes that sound so much better. 3.5 does the trick as well. And that program has worked fine for 3 years. So with my 1 year sub to AS I’m giving Damien the benefit of the doubt.

Time will tell though if I’ll be extending my subscription when the current one expires end of May next year.

If I understand you well, you subscribed for the Mac, but not for the Windows version yet. You’re going to evaluate the Windows version with AS 1.4.
That’s right?

No. Subscription is valid for both Mac and Windows. I don’t need to buy a separate subscription.
Just waiting for the Windows version of 1.4 AS to arrive before I continu to check out the Windows version.

Because it keeps continuing to start analyzing all over again eating up SSD write cycles on my laptop’s SSD. While continuing to freeze and being buggy.

It’s true, you can activate one version at the time and use both computers.

That’s correct. I just need to disconnect one computer if I wish to log in to a different one.

I subscribed for a year due to the substantial discount that was offered to me as a recent 3.5 owner.
I only have Windows and my analyzing has never stopped as others have pointed out.
I am hoping 1.4 will improve on this situation and eagerly awaiting it. Overall AS is working pretty good for me now but still with a few things that could be improved on.
I really don’t use the remote much so that also factored in to my decision.
I will see what happens this year with AS.