Audirvana Studio Versions & SQ

The idea of this thread is to share our listening impressions, closely following the possible evolutions, involutions, revolutions or mere repetitions regarding the sound quality of the new Audirvana Studio versions, solemnly ignoring other very important factors to be taken into account when appreciating this music player, which can be treated (and already are) in other dedicated threads.

I already reported in the “feedback topic” my first impressions about the AS 1.0.0, and pointed out what in my system it meant an evolution compared to the “Audirvana Classic” 3.5, which already sounds superior to its competitors.

To my surprise, the latest and only update, AS version 1.1.0, resulted in an involution in SQ and a few steps back precisely in the direction of the “Audirvana Classic” 3.5, AS 1.1.0 sounds IDENTICAL to its old brother, i.e. a less polished, more “wild” (some say “fuzzy”) sound, and … oh no!!!.. goodbye my beloved spatial coherence!

After a few hours, I uninstalled 1.1.0 and went back to the initial release 1.0.0… and my system charmed me again.

This seems to me to be an additional problem that comes with the subscription model: control over which version of the software sounds best on your system becomes much more difficult.

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can you share with 1.0.0 please for mac os?

Hi fightability,

when you have time, please share your comparison experience.

I also need some external testimony, so that I can evaluate my mental sanity haha

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@Ekstatikon you’re right there is a difference. I didn’t even expect it.

SQ: AS 1.0.0 > A 3.5.44 > AS 1.1.0

AS 1.1.0 has the most unattractive sound of the three versions, it is the most fuzzy with the worst soundstage.

Downgrade confirmed :slight_smile:

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Ha interesting, thx for sharing.
What hardware were you using?

I would be surprise that Damien changed the sound in that fast version update 1.0 to 1.1

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thanks for the impressions and confirmation, fightality

I believe Damien didn’t intentionally change the SQ, but something in the update generated this deleterious effect.

imac 2019 -> singxer su-6 -> audio-gd d-28.38 full upgrade -> kennerton vali neoteric
and custom cables

@VoyagerDude how do you like 1.4? It seems to me that this version is a little better than 1.3

In my opinion, the bass is worked out a little better, more punch and body


Nice, thanks for the feedback, I have not had a chance to compare yet.