Audirvana Studio - VST3 plugin not used

I own the GoodHerz CanOpener VST plugin which I’ve been using with Audirvana for a relatively long time.

In Audirvana Studio I can include it as part of the signal processing chain, but it does not seem to be used. If I play back any file in my library and access the play back options while it plays, under “Processing” it won’t show anything. (I’m using Kernel Streaming on Windows 10)

If I stop the play back, CanOpener reappears under “Processing”.


Have you logged to your CanOpener vst3 plugin before trying to play a track?

Hi Damien,

I have. Logging in is necessary to set the plugin up, so it was one of the first things I did when I installed Audirvana Studio.

This might be a UI problem rather than a problem with plugins. Here’s a screenshot with the real-time plugin feature activated:

As you can see, under “Processing” it shows “No Signal Processing” but the real-time window clearly shows that CanOpener is in use.

I’m still having this issue in Studio 1.2.

I can use the plugin in real time, but otherwise it won’t show as active during playback with Kernel Streaming.

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