Audirvana Studio

Anybody know about this, and when we can expect it?

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I was wondering about that: just seen the ad in What HiFi magazine.

Same here, that’s where I got the image from.

it is the june edition…

Yes, saw that: a bit ahead of the game?

What will be different with AUDIRVANA STUDIO?
New features, even better SQ?


I’m hoping for free Espresso, Chocolate sprinkles and a super-power of my choice.

Failing those I guess we’ll have to settle for things like internet radio and podcasts, according to the photo of the advert.
There’s a larger photo of it in a different thread, here:

Should hopefully be in the next couple of weeks, looks like a substantial upgrade with Radio, Podcasts, new Branding & possibly much more

Not too sure about free Espresso though :thinking:

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Will it be free for A3.5 users?


I hope not as I have just spent £84 on what I assumed was the new version but we should know soon enough.
I think a lot of Roon users might be interested now Audirvana have finally embraced the internet streaming side of things too!!

Sorry Matt,
I meant I hope it is free :blush:

To existing users of 3.5

I guess it depends when you bought the license for 3.5. If that is recent it will be free. I’ve been using Audirvana since 2016 and have had to pay 1x for an upgrade to v3

Launch of Audirvana Studio on Sunday May 09 at 6pm CET. The “live stream” launch will be on their Facebook page - invite only (perhaps?)

Edit - nothing to suggest it will be available for use on that date.

This seems exciting. Might be able to finally replace MusicBee on my PC.

Anyone remembers how Audirvana UI looks like 5 years ago, how it shows on the desk of your computer? Could Audirvana Studio be a device, a streamer embedding Audirvana?

Gryffe, this is clearly a major launch of a substantial upgrade to the Audirvana software. Perhaps a little prematurely advertised in the audio press but hopefully it will be available to download soon after May 9th.


Looking forward to any improvements, new feature, etc.

Seems unlikely, to be honest (though historically a discount has been given to current users for major new versions).
The last major update was in 2019 (Audirvana 3.5), and this looks like a serious revamp/rewrite - it even has a fancy new name.