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I’m still trying to understand Audirvaña’s tagging system and mechanics, because I stumble across some differences between the content of my audio files and what Audirvaña makes out of it. In another post I found out about Audirvaña’s lack of updating the “Album Artist” frame and today, when I updatet an album and some date-related information of some albums, I noticed that Audirvaña again is not interested in the tags of my audio files.

  • ID3 has a “Date” frame (frame = field), where I store my release year info. This frame is usually used when buying music online. I’ve never come across a file that does not use this frame. Audirvaña shows the information from this frame in a field, titled “Year”. But “Year” is a total different unique ID3 tag.
  • Audirvaña shows a “Release Date” frame which I also have in my files, but it is from my not-Audirvaña tag editor. Nevertheless Audirvaña won’t screen the content of my file’s frame, although having the same name. Disturbingly I can’t find a frame called “Release Date” in the ID3 tag description. My tag editor (Kid3) uses the TORY (v 2.3), resp. TDOR (v 2.4) frames for this information, Audirvaña propably uses a different frame for it.
  • As I wrote in another post, Audirvaña does not update changes made within the “Album Artist” frame within the audio file.

Propably someone here has some more information of how ID3 tags work in Audirvaña? I really would like to understand this.


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I had the same issue, edited files in tag editor, but Audirvana didn’t update.

Hello @Orchideensuppe,

Can you send us one of the file you have the issue with at

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