Audirvana together with Simaudio Mind2

Is there anyone that has experience from Audirvana together with Simaudio Mind2 streamer?
How well do they integrate and what has been the benefits?
I am streaming from an own library (Flac 44.1/16) and Qobuz Sublime.

Hi ParM!
I’m very happy to have here a Moon NEO 280D with MIND 2. For the moment it’s for testing only, but the decision took very little time :grinning:. The machine itself is an older one. I’m trying to get along with Android and W10, no remote for Audirvana, yet.
Others here experience the same, have some drawbacks. Upnp is not gapless :imp:. Only with WASAPI to USB it works. So if I feel like upsampling, it’s only to DSD128. For a final judgement on USB I will wait for my new machine :sunglasses:. But LAN should work properly!
As for now, I rely on the Moon App, which is on Android merely OK.
Wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

Hello @BeagleBoy, thank you for this precise feedback. I must inform you that we do now have a remote for Android :wink:

You can find it here: