Audirvana w/ JDS Labs Element 2 & Tidal

Hi -

I’m new to Audirvana (and higher end audio entirely). I recently purchased some HiFi Man Sundara headphones and the JDS Labs Element 2 (DAC & AMP). I use Tidal and have been trying to figure out the best settings in Audirvana given this setup (I use a MacBook Pro).

I’m lost with what I need to do to ensure I’m getting the highest quality audio settings. I can’t seem to determine if this DAC/Amp supports MQA and what impact that would have on the Audirvana settings. Is anyone familiar with this DAC/Amp and whether I should select “Not MQA” or “Renderer” / “Decoder”?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Very new to all of this.


You’re good, just to make sure you can disable the auto-detect MQA devices.

Got it. Thanks. Will I still be able to get MQA music (appears Tidals Masters are MQA) with my current setup?

Thanks again

Yes, Audirvana will do the first unfolding and pass it to the DAC.