Audirvana witha dedicated streamer


I am still trying to figure this out.

I enjoy this software very much.
Want to keep using it.

I am trying to figure out how and if I can use this with a dedicated streaming device other than computer such as the Mac Mini I have currently.

I do not know how Audirvana could be installed without a computer.

I do use the A Plus remote and enjoy it very much.

I am not interested in Roon and do not want to get tied into an ecosystem from a streaming device.
Such as Aurender, Lumin Etc.

Please let me know what you think?

Most appreciated

A small Windows PC would also do, something like NUC or Beelink.


I already have a Mini.
What I am trying to do is pull my computer out of the system and get dedicated streaming device.

It seems that others on this site are able to use Audirvana without a computer.

Cambridge, Halo and Melcro seen to come to mind as dedicated devices people seem to be using.

I would assume,
they are not using a computer at all.

Please let me know what you think?

You can’t use Audirvana without a computer. You can play music without Audirvana, if you get a streamer.

They might be using those devices exclusively, but some stream from Audirvana running on their computer to those devices.

This makes perfect sense.
Not sure why this has been so confusing.

Audirvana is a piece of software.

I hate to give it up but I have been encouraged to get dedicated streaming device.

I remember speaking to someone about the Chord 2go and 2Yu and they said I might be able to use Audirvana with UPNP protocol.

I do not see how this would be possible since the Chord devices are not computers.

Please let me know?

You can of course, because those devices are also (audio) renderers. Audirvana can stream to those devices using UPnP protocol.


I am getting somewhere.

This is exactly what I am trying to do.

Please explain more as to how this would work?

In this case,

I can drop my computer and still use this most amazing software with dedicated streaming device.

Thank you

Nope, not really. You can either play from the computer running Audirvana to your streamer, or stream directly from your streamer of choice without computer and without Audirvana.

This is what I thought.

Still not sure why this has been so confusing.

Looks like I am going to have to make piece with another type of software if I want to get away from using computer.

I can not say enough of how much I enjoy Audirvana but see that if I want to not use computer in my system I need to use something different.

One last option would be to use something like a Sonore product that is an audiophile computer but I do not think this is the direction I want to go in.

Thank you again for all your help.

Sorry about my typo.


If you want to get rid of the computer completely, Sonore is not your best choice.

You don’t have to compromise, you can have both. Get a fully functional streamer that is also UPnP capable. When you don’t want to use your computer, you can start playback directly on the streamer. If sometimes you want to use your computer to play the music, you can do that also. Best of both worlds.

I can not believe the excellent support I am receiving here.

I do not want to compromise.

Was never really interested in Sonore.

Just not way I want to run things.

I just purchased PS audio DAC and transport.
Am enjoying the upgrade in SQ quality over the internal DAC in my processor pre amp.

My friend who sold it to me moved up to DCS combination.

He keeps encouraging me to get my Mini out of my system.
So have others.

My music is stored on my NAS drive.


I am looking for a fully functional Streaming device but really wanted to keep Audirvana.
I do not like software than tries to control its owner.
I do not want a machine to make decisions for me .

Audirvana does not do any of this.
It is a simple program that sounds amazing.

Roon is not for me.

I was encouraged to get an Aurender but was not interested in their software.

Was informed I could not use Audirvana with it.

The compromise seem to be making is letting go of Audirvana .

Will look for something simple.
Kind of like a dumb version as opposed to something like smart app.

I have so many video streaming devices hooked up to my system that I really do not need computer at all.

There is a hi fi company in France called Atoll Electronics that has a couple of streamers (with Burr Brown Dacs) that incorporate Audirvana but their new streamers with ESS Sabre chips don’t seem to have Audirvana. Not sure why. I too have a MAC Mini with Audirvana connected to a Schiit Bifrost which sounds great most of the time but some days when I boot it up the sound his edgy, drives me nuts. I don’t want to spend $500 on a fully loaded turnkey Raspberry Pi based streamer even if it is a big sonic improvement, so maybe will look at a Bluesound Node 2i, Lenbrook head office is 30 minutes from my house.

Yes I am aware of Atoll.

I am not interested in new DAC.

I am enjoying my Direct Stream very much.
I am looking for full function streamer less a DAC.

I just puled out my Schitt Ether since the PS Audio does not need that connection.

I am going to see if Atol l has DAC less streaming device but there are other options out there of high quality but I need to look into their software to see if I like the way it works.

Thank you

Have you thought about installing the Bridge module in your PS Audio DAC?

Of course,

But thank you for mentioning this.

I was hoping of not needing it since I thought I could find streaming device where this is not needed.
I wanted to keep using my wired network and run it directly out of a streaming device.

Still looking for a steaming device that has no internal DAC or storage.
Wit ha software interface I can work with.

Do you care about playing DSD files?

Hello again,

I think your on to something.

Just looked up Atoll again and see that that their streaming devices work with Audirvana.
I have not found any other non computer devices that can do this.
They seem to work with RTSP.
I can not find any other products that do.
The issue is that the Atoll’s seem to contain DAC’s that I do not need or want.

Any streaming devices I should look into?

I still do not see why I would need the Bridge win this situation.

If you have the Bridge installed, your DAC becomes kind of a streamer. Not full featured streamer but a device to which Audirvana and other software can play to.

With Atoll, you don’t need a bridge but you also don’t need the PS Audio DAC. You just need an amplifier. “Works with Audirvana” just means it supports UPnP and they tested it with Audirvana.

If you want a full featured streamer, without built in DAC and support for DSD, look at Auralic Aries G1:


This is the first choice on my list.

I would like to have some other choices as well which I am looking into.

Was intrigued by the Atoll devices since they work with Audirvana but as you mentioned,
they all have internal DAC’s.

I am really not looking into a Bridge.

After reading up on the G1 they are saying it does not support Audirvana but this is when I drop Audirvana and find another software.

Was just about to purchase a Matrix but from what I understand,
it is not really needed with the Aurlic’s.

I am also going to look into Melco but not sure if they have anything DAC less.

Looked into Aurender and Lumin.
Not really what I am looking for.

Thank you