Audirvana won`t open, Does not exist in Program & Features

Most of the attempts to start the program fails. No user interface shows up, but the audirvana process runs in Task Manager. I managed to scann my NAS for music. Took at least two hours, about 40000 tracks. I tried to use the Audiolense Convolver as a virtual ASIO soundcard, but no sound at all so far. Get a message just to the left of the playbutton that says something about cant play.. After a few attempts I thought of just removing this software, but it isnt even present in the Installed Programs list in Programs & Features.

Hi Cyberkul,
if it can’t play, it is a reassuring that you don’t hear anything :laughing:
It took me some patience and persistence before it ran in a way I understood it.
Right of the playbutton you can check whether Audirvana recognizes your device, you should choose yourself for the ASIO interface.
Actually we may have the same problem, Audirvana also does not read my local files, an issue that I have not solved yet. Yet you can also connect A. to TIDAL with a free month trial (mind you to end it in time if you intend to). Thus you may still evaluate the value of Audirvana for you.
Best, Rien

Then again, if you installed it properly, you should be able to open A. with an icon…

After 3-6 left clicks on the Audirvana icon in the Windows start menu user interface showed up! I tried this, since a fellow member on a hifi-forum says he has the same Beauvoir. I then chose a different ASIO-device, the Jriver WDM-driver. Jriver opened, and I got sound! Some clicks and slight noise. I noticed that in the property panel for the Jriver it was listed 16 channels. Dont know why, but when I chose stereo, all was ok. Jriver then correctly listed 2 input channels, and 10 output channels. I then started the Audiolense convolver, and changed from Jriver to the Audiolense convolver. Another success! Works just fine, both with Tidal and local files. I have had some struggles with the Tidal MASTER tracks. Usually in the Tidal desktop app, after let say 30 seconds of ok playback, the sound fall apart, and I get a lot of noise, cracks osv.. I still have some slightly audible shorts dropouts, but not only on MASTER tracks. Ill replace the USB-cable to the RME UFX DAC, as others have reported this with a bad cable. I like the user interface, much better than Jriver. less messy, and integrated support for Tidal and Spotify. Now, if I could find a nice way to play vinyl from the mic-input, through Audirvana, and through the Audiolense convolver. Standalone mode of the convolver handles this just fine.

:+1: There will always be something to do, thanks for that :laughing:

Still have to click 3-8 times on the icon to have the program start, but I can live with that :slightly_smiling_face: Seems that I can set MQA-passthrough in the Tidal desktop app, and have Audirvana do the decoding. I see that that the indicator in the left lower corner turns blue when MQA in Tidal is passed, and green when enabled. When green it shows 44.1kHz sampling rate, and when blue 192kHz. The AL-convolver shows 88,2kHz and 96kHz respectly. Why is this? Shouldn`t the result in the convolver be the same? Does the MQA-decoding in Tidal have to be enabled to get high def from Tidal in the first place?

hm, seems like these sampling issues are questions for smarter people… :thinking: In the configuration you can select Tidal streaming master…that did the trick for me.

Thanks! I`ll check it out.

Hmm…“There is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana” Installed the trial version yesterday, should last a month?

Hi I am playing qobuz > audirvana > acourate convolver > merging anubis > amp/speakers.
When I fire up my system I connect first the merging anubis and when this is ready then convolver which will with the asio files connect to the merging, then at last the audirvana and in the speaker bottom I select in asio the acourate.
I dont know if this will help?

Thanks! The problem was with the installation/license. I`m using Audiolense convolver and a RME UFX USB-soundcard. I was able to reinstall Audirvana yesterday, and so far everything works. Except the annoying and strange “feature” that I must click 3-10 times on the Audirvana icon before it starts.