Beta (907) has stopped recognizing my USB DAC

Until today, my Audirvana Plus and my Beta version both recognized and played music through my Dragonfly DAC. Suddenly the beta version does not recognize my DAC and does not give me the option to select it as my preferred device. The only options I am given in the beta are the full set of MuvEnum Virtual Cable choices so I am unable to play music with the beta. Audirvana Plus continues to recognize the Dragonfly and play music normally. Is there a way to fix this?

UPDATE: I have stumbled into a solution and my beta version is using my DAC and operating normally. There are “repair” and “reset” buttons accessible as follows: Right click the Audirvana logo in the Windows start menu, click on “more” and then select “App Settings.” I clicked on both “repair” and “reset” and the problem appears to have disappeared.