Better tags to discover new Qobuz musics


When I go to the discover tab of Qobuz, I have a list of albums without any tag or indications of which style they belong. Would it be possible to tag them more precisely, like they do on Bandcamp (like fusion jazz, free jazz, or classic jazz)? This would help a lot to discover new stuff.

Thank you very much in advance.

The tags in the discover tab of Qobuz, are completely maintained by Qobuz itself. Audirvana simply displays the info it gets from Qobuz.
If you use the Qobuz app instead of Audirvana you also see that the genres in Qobuz’s own discover tab are not very detailed compared to Bandcamp. If you want more precise (sub) genres you will have to ask Qobuz directly. Audirvana can only work with the data provided and is Qobuz’s messenger in this respect.