Bit Perfect

I have made all the settings to listen to weve PCM files in ‘bit perfect’, but only the sampling frequency remains unchanged, while the bit depth is stably displayed in ‘32’ at the Dac input. In addition, in Loading Decoding there is e.g. WAVE 24/96 > PCM 64/96, which I do not understand. This happens both in Wasapi and Asio and in Kernel Sreaming.
What to do?
Thanks for your help!

There are more posts and confusion about this in this forum. Audirvana displays the maximum bit depth your DAC reports it is capable of. Probably your DAC (most modern DACs do) works (internally) with 32 bit. This means that the 16 or 24 bits numbers will be packed in a 32 bit container, but are unaltered. (Padded with zeros. In other words: It will stay exactly the same number, but in an ‘oversized’ box, so no conversion is taking place).

To make a long story short:
Audirvana is indeed playing bit perfect, but reports the maximum bit depth your DAC is capable of.

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The Dac used is Audio GD NOS-19 set to 1x (no oversampling - neutral sound).
Sorry, but I don’t understand the meaning of WAVE 24/96 > PCM 64/96 in Loading Decoding.
Thank you for your kindness.

You also asked for the above which I explained in my previous post. I hope my answer about your 32 bit question is clear?

About loading/decoding. Your picture shows:

It shows the original signal is 24/96 which is correct. It also shows 64/96. I also see a value of 64/96 under ‘processing’ in your picture. Since Audirvana is a 64 bit program the PCM is probably packaged in 64 bit. Which explains the 64/96.

See again the link below (click on it), because that already explains your question about 64 bit depth:
Is Audirvāna Studio bit-perfect? - Studio - Audirvana

If you want to be completely sure that you are playing bit perfect check the following in Audirvana:

  • Disable upsampling.
  • Disable sound processing.
  • Disable volume control (or set it to 0 dB).

If I play a track on my Audirvana Origin (on a Windows PC) I see the following:


As you can see I have no processing and the volume control is inactive.

It seems that the original 32 bits Flac (32/96) is going through some 64 bits (64/96) stage. Which is in theory still bit perfect (see the link above).
Maybe someone else can explain where the 64 bit information (@Antoine) comes from?