Blank page on Tidal login - Windows 10

audirvana verson 3.56,i brought it just few days,normally using it few days,any then the software crashed ,i reinstalled it,it is normally working with my qobuz but my tidal can not working,when i use setting page connect tidal ,it stuck to a page ,dont let me input my tidal account and password

i am using windows 10 1909

Hello @pplover, can you make a screenshot of the page you are talking about?

i click tidal connect ,and then stuck in this page,i just update 3.5.7 ,tidal still cant login

Can you update to 3.5.8 to see if Tidal login is displayed?

just updated 3.5.8 still same problem…

Do you still have Edge in your computer?

yes i have edge in my computer

Which version of windows 10 are you using? Are you in 1909?

yes 1909 ,i upated the most new verson windows update already

i can login qobuz and but can not login tidal

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Audirvana?

i reinstall many times

Hello @pplover, are you lauching Audirvana as an Administrator?

i tried run as admin but still not work

I also have same problem

could you release the 3.5.5 verson,we are working in this verson,when you fixed the problem then we update again

just updated to 3.5.9 , still have same problem

guys i am working now !!!