Box Set Step by Step

Can anyone help me or point me with examples of creating a box set. I have 5 discs and they belong in one box. I have tried to rename and just say disk 1 disk 2 but all are separate albums.
Thank you.

Hi @Jeffrey1

Have you amended the metadata tags for the individual albums within the box set?
With 5 different CD’s, I’d adjust the metadata for the first album so that the disc no is 1/5, second album 2/5, and so on.



Within the album browser, you’ll only see one album:

…but individual discs and their tracks within that album…

I’m a windows user, so use dBpoweramp as my tag editor.
Hope this helps :+1:


Whilst I don’t use this method myself, you can also select all the tracks within an individual album and amend the disc no metadata from within Audirvana:



Hi, thank you for your reply.
I have a MacMini headless using a MacBook to run.
I don’t see much data in the metadata section.
I was renaming folders last night till I couldn’t see straight.
I had seen a post about brackets and nothing I try seems to work yet.
I wish YouTube had something:
I’m a little lost, thanks again.

This is all I have when I click on my Metadata. I tried to rename the lines as you can see to 1/5 and so on. Didn’t help.

If you have a lot of metadata to straighten out you may like to try Yate.

Your window shown here is went you click an album… album metadata
in that album when you see the tracks, you will have many metadata to edit…
just select one song or select all songs to them having the same metadata

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Hi @Jeffrey1

Yep, I can see exactly what you mean.
You appear to have no disc no info available.
Interestingly I looked at a single track in my library, which also appears to have no disc no info associated with it when viewed in Audirvana Studio…

…however when viewed in my metadata editor (dBpoweramp) the relevant info is there …


It would appear that you do actually need to add the amount of discs within the boxset/multi-disc release via an external metadata editor, with Audirvana not being able to do so (perhaps another user on here could clarify this???).

As a test, I copied a single track, but gave it the same album title as the original whilst amending the disc no.
This resulted in Audirvana displaying 2 tracks, 1 album, and 2 disc no’s (pretty much what you want to achieve, I believe).

If you only have a single disc (1/1) , the disc no info doesn’t appear to be displayed within Audirvana.

Being on a Mac, I would suggest Yate as being perhaps your best option to add the appropriate disc no to any multi-disc albums/boxsets, as others on here appear to have had decent results with it.

@Antoine. Is disc no metadata something that could be added to Studio/Origin in a future release? Apologies if it is indeed already there.

Good luck :+1:

This is from just one track. It shows what you’re saying to a degree.
I appreciate all your help.
Not wanting to put out 20 dollars right now, I only have the one box set.
I know I must be doing something wrong, and I am having a hard time understanding this.

I assume that the album title should be identical across the 5 CDs. That the [Disc 1/5] should not be there, otherwise they are 5 different albums.

Do you mean in my finder folders or in Audirvāna please.

Would you supply a screenshot?

Yep, agree with this @Jacob :+1:

Album title should indeed be consistent across all 5 discs :+1:
However, it’s the seperation of individual discs within the boxset that appears to be the problem.
As mentioned, the only way I can see of actually achieving this is to assign the individual disc no to the relevant album within the boxset.
This is a task that Audirvana isn’t apparently able to achieve?

I don’t use studio/origin anymore so I can’t test it. But what I can remember is that a space or a comma difference already makes it two albums instead of 1 album.

I usually copied the title of 1 track and paste it into all tracks. Then things usually went well.

For tag editing I used Music Brainz Picard.

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Yep, although tagging the album within a boxset (Disc3/5, in your example) would surely result in these individually named albums appearing as seperate albums within Audirvana?
A boxset of 5 albums should, in my opinion, all have the same album title (without the disc number within the title), with each album contained within given their own disc no?

There is only 1 album. For each track, it must be indicated on which CD of the album this track is located.

In the Metadata that I had in Audirvana the Album name with [Disk 2/5] for instance and then the next album was [Disk 3/5] It was messing it up to give me separate albums.
I went with you guys continuing to drill in my head same Album name and that did it. I got rid of the Brackets and disk Numbers.
Its working!
Thank all of you.


Yep, my friend :+1:

As you can see no Brackets in title or sort by.

As an aside @Jeffrey1 , could you post a screenshot of an individual album please?
Removing the disc no, does this not randomly place your tracks?
1 of 5 always being at the top of your view, with 5 differing songs from 5 differing albums, followed by 2 of 5?

I don’t know if I can now that all have been merged but will look when my computer is done updating.
Bare with me.

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