Bug: Album covers missing

I have spent hours trying to solve the few random missing album covers from my collection and I am starting to get closer to defining the issue.

Initially, I assumed that this was an issue with the artwork or the tags so I have triple checked everything, even re-exporting JPEGs in Photoshop in case there was a format issue. Nothing helped.

Then I ran a test, writing down the name of every album missing its cover. Around 10 in total (out of 1,200). Then I deleted the Audirvana database and re-imported the music library. This time, a different set of albums was missing their artwork. Some with earlier problems were still not showing artwork, but more interesting was the fact that some which were working before stopped displaying artwork, and some which were not displaying artwork before suddenly worked again! This seems to demonstrate that there is not an issue with the files in the library, but an Audirvana database issue of some kind.

Furthermore, all of the albums which sometimes don’t display covers are multi-disk albums, although most multi-disk albums are working fine so being multi-disk alone is not enough to cause the issue.

Hello @lamode,

When you have put the covers to the albums, did you just put the covers in the folder where the files are stored?

Hi Damien. Yes, every cover in my collection is “cover.jpg” in the same directory as the corresponding files. All albums use the same structure and file names, and in general most albums are working fine. There is no apparent difference there which can explain the behaviour. It also wouldn’t explain why rebuilding the database suddenly makes some covers disappear while making other covers appear.

Does your tracks are stored in a NAS?

No, a local USB drive

Like you, I often encounter problems displaying album covers. Today it’s with one of The Doors. Nothing in the file names nor the folders seemed to be a problem. So I duplicate the folder and by a miracle the cover appears for the copy. I get the same result by just copying and pasting the album folder name through the Windows Notepad. I haven’t changed anything inside the album folder. I tried to see if there were any differences between the names of the two folders with a hexadecimal editor without success.

The Doors


I did have something like this before , in my case was the size of the cover.jpg
When you have 600x600 or 800x800 this is ok but if the size is over like let 1000x1000 or bigger for some reason they don’t show , did same thing
In bluesound node 2i

Really don’t know why maybe it is the size delimiter in the tag

Sylvain, most of my covers are 1000x1000 to1500x1500 in size but only 1% of them fail to display. Also, remember that if I rebuild the database, some of the covers which were not working start to work and others which were working stop working. The sizes didn’t change. This seems to be another issue.

All my covers are JPG 500x500 and may not be displayed. Luckily I rarely encounter this issue and I usually succeed in correcting it quickly.

I seem to remember that I solved all my album cover display problems in Audirvana, iTunes or others the moment I resized all the album covers at 800x800, and more importantly by making sure all files were set at 300DPI. Do not ask me why it is so I could not know. I recall having read something about it somewhere on the internet, stating that the focus should be more on DPI than on actual size.

Thanks for your input but this wouldn’t explain why the same covers appear and disappear after rebuilding the library.

Indeed, Like you I am left unable to explain why, but it seems to work quite reliably.
Maybe someone will tell us…