[BUG] Export Playlist - but empty!

I can’t seem to export a Playlist from Audirvana+ - the file appears on the Desktop (or wherever you set it to be exported to) but it contains one line only (with “#EXTM3U”) and is empty aside that.

Where is the playlist actually held on the Mac - can it be exported any other way?

I have an issue now as I have created a headless Mac Mini and had to deauthorise my MacBook which I was serving from(where the playlist is) and I have my desktop Mac authorised (where I download and organise) , so am a bit stuffed!


all my playlists export correctly… just right click one and save…
Screen Shot.jpg
Screen Shot.jpg

Hmm, you’re right - with 3.2.14 so do mine!

Is it possible that something may have been changed which explains this? I really could not export a populated file previously - it was empty bar one line as reported.

I tried Musconv tools and it worked great… just try it out.