Bug in renaming Qobuz folders (WINDOWS 10)

Trying to change the name of an existing Qobuz folder (in Windows 10) often triggers a repetitive series of error messages that do not respond to the close command. The only way to get out of it is to open the windows system activity control window and close Audirvana from there.

Hello @Giancarlo_Mari, what do you mean by folders in Qobuz? Are you talking about playlist?

Hi Damien, by qobuz lists I mean those that can be created under the root qobuz (I personally use them to order albums). I enclose a relative screnshot.
Thank you

Okay, when you want to change the name of one of those playlist you don’t see it?

When I change the name of one of these folders very often a small window opens automatically containing an error code, an infinite number of these windows continues to overlap very quickly (and neither Audirvana nor the error windows do not react to the command closing time).

Can you try to reproduce it and send a screenshot here?

I think it is not feasible because unfortunately, when the problem occurs, the screen is completely locked and (as already mentioned) it is only possible to unlock it from the keyboard via ctrl + alt + cancel and then from the screen of the activities in progress, close Audirvana.

Maybe you can try to make a picture of it with your phone and send it here?

Ok next time I’ll try