Buying Audirvana Origin from a customer with Audirvana 3.5 license

Hello. I have tried Audirvana Origin and would like to purchase the full license. However, at the buying page the cost listed was HK$819 (~US$102), whereas according to your information, it should be US$89.99 for customers with a prior Audirvana 3.5 license. Can you advise on this?

Hello @Neptis,

When you are on the page displaying the price of Audirvāna Origin in your account at, do you see a button to be identified as a customer with a different mail address?

Hi Antoine.The page looked like as attached.

I don’t see my email (or any other emails) displayed on this page. But in the overview section, I do see my name addressed correctly.

Is the e-mail address you are using with Origin the same as with 3.5? You’ll use that address as well when you are logging into 3.5 or Origin. If it’s the same, then the discount option should show up.

Hi. Yes, I use the same email for both Audi3.5 and Origin.


Then Antoine should be able to sort things out :smiley:


What if you click the BUY button… maybe the option of past member will be there. They don’t have credit info yet, so no worry i guess

So you are identified as a customer. However I need to check if the price displayed is correct or not.

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