Can A+ for Windows show the PDF booklets?

A feature of A+ very interesting for me is the possibility to show the PDF booklets. However, I can not make it work, neither in the local library nor in Qobuz. Adobe Reader is installed (directly from Windows Store). The PDF files are in the same folder as the audio tracks. In A+ Remote it works perfectly.

Can you check if Adobe Reader opens when viewing a pdf in a web browser? Just wondering if installing it from the Windows Store has made this needed connection

Thanks for the reply Damien.
Yes, Adobe Reader opens when viewing a pdf in a web browser. I have also associated PDF files with Adobe Reader.

Can the following influence?: Applications from Windows Store are installed in “C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps” and not “C: \ Program Files” as in traditional installations. Maybe A + goes to a different folder where I have Adobe Reader?

Is adobe reader compulsory to have the booklet open in A+? ; any other alternate? Thank you

Hello @Ulysse13, you don’t need anymore to have acrobat reader to open your booklet in Audirvana for Windows 10 as we made a change about it in a previous version of 3.5.

Thank you, but how exactly I should do, basically, in the interface ?

To add a booklet in an album you just need to add the pdf in the folder of the album in your computer and you will see a book on the right corner of Audirvana in the Album view.