Can Audirvana run in the background for iTunes?

On my Mac Mini I had Audirvana running in the background (symbolized as an amplifier) and I used the library sorted by Genre/Alphabet in iTunes.
With my new Windows Mini and the new Audirvana it seems to be impossible to sort in the same way (i.e. composers are sorted now by first name - mixed with artists - etc…)
I don’t want to get a PhD on Audirvana but enjoy music! Isn’t there a way to go back to the old system and use my developed library as is in iTunes???

Hello @ralphbartels,

Have you take a look at your sorting criteria in the audirvana settings?

Hi Damien,
Yes, I did look at the sorting criteria of Audirvana - but I really would like to go beck to my old system: Audirvana in the background and iTunes as library. Could you please advice me how to manage this? I would really appreciate.
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

Oh okay, you mean iTunes integrated mode? You need to click on Audirvana in your Mac ribbon and select “Music (or iTunes) Integrated Mode (legacy)”