Can I keep 3.5.50 and try out AO at same time?

Just wanted to know if I can keep my Audirvana 3.5.50 version and try out the AO at the same time? Won’t create any conflicts/database problems?


I would think so. AS and A3.5 work side by side as they are separated from each other.

No problems trying Audirvana Origin and keeping your A3.5 version at the same time.

I have Audirvana 3.5 and Audirvana Origin installed on the same Windows machine without any problems. You can not run them both at the same time (you have to close 3.5 first before you run Origin and vice versa), but that is the only thing I noticed.

Audirvana Origin creates it’s own database (independent from Audirvana 3.5) so there will be no problems there either.

Most obvious differences between AS 3.5 and AO:

  • AO user-interface is the same as Audirvana Studio (but lacking streaming, radio’s etc.)
  • AO also has a folder/treeview which A 3.5 has not.
  • AO has more upsampling methods than A3.5.
  • AO has Kernel Streaming and A3.5 has not.
  • AO has NO streaming services (NO Qobuz, NO Tidal etc.). A3.5 HAS streaming services.
  • AO will receive updates for the foreseeable future. A3.5 is deprecated.

I have bought A3.5 and also bought AOrigin now. They both still work on my machine.
If you don’t need Qobuz, Tidal and radio stations in Audirvana AO is worth a try. If you want streaming in Audirvana, A3.5 and AStudio are the way to go. I don’t mind starting the Qobuz app separately to use Qobuz, but your miles may vary :wink:

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Hey! They get along just fine. I listened to both, Origin became worse in sound. This is my opinion after listening to the same tracks

Origin sounds exactly the same as Audirvana Studio (because it basically IS Audirvana Studio without streaming). Would you say that Audirvana Studio sounds worse than A3.5 also?

Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to say

I don’t have Audirvana Studio, I compared with A3.5

It’s a matter of nuance. In 3.5, the sound is freer, the stage is wider, the dynamics are more aggressive

But, this does not detract from the merits of your product. In all versions, it is better than HQplayer or JRiver, Roon, yes, on the level. I do not regret that I bought 3.5

I found similar experience comparing Audirvana Studio to A3.5.50 – I liked the 3.5.50 better
If I can expect Audirvana Origin to be comparable to Studio, then probably will stick with 3.5.50

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I was thinking exactly the same thing after listening to some of my favourite tracks using Origin and feeling underwhelmed afterwards, and then I ran into your comment.

I then made comparisons and I could easily tell the difference. The sound from Origin was thinner, and I don’t say such things lightly, especially since I was planning on upgrading to Origin from 3.5 just for future OS compatibility which is very important for me.

This is actually quite an unfortunate situation. In other words, I would have loved for the situation to have been the opposite instead, but not only were my ears not deceived by the test, but I actually noticed it without trying on purpose. Such scenarios are the type that I can’t ignore.

I’m running the apps on a 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch running Catalina.

And to the person who doesn’t agree with what I said: It’s fine if you don’t agree with me, I don’t mind if it’s working well for you, but there’s a huge difference on my end (with identical settings in both apps) and not only can I not ignore that, but I actually wish it wasn’t the case, as this gives me no satisfaction whatsoever due to concerns for when 3.5 stops working in future OSs. I’m also not the type to get satisfaction from posting negative comments, but this needs to be said.


Well I am planning to keep my older computer just for Audirvana 3.5 on Windows 10.
When this pc will die, I have few more Windows 10 similar specs computers.
If your Mac Book Pro is your only one machine than yes there is a problem here.
I am going to keep my late 2014 Mac Mini also just for music.
I didn’t do this kind of comparison as you did but I believe what are you guys writing here.
I always liked to this day sound of Old Good Classic Audirvana 3.5

version 3.5, Studio and Origin (same as Studio) all play well in Monterey 12.3.1 right now,
so don’t worry about your OS, stick with Catalina if you want, but if they all work today
with latest OS system, they will again forever if you stay with Monterey after
with old or newer computer…

I don’t have much experience with Audirvana, as I’ve only had it for a year and it was running on this OS. Throughout this time, Catalina only received Security Updates.

On the other hand, I do have experience with many DAWs, and I can safely say that a software update from 12.3.1 to 12.4 for example could easily (but not necessarily) break something essential, especially with how Apple is now releasing new content within the updates, instead of just fixing bugs, which in turn increases the chance of something breaking manifold. Security Updates on the other hand almost never do so.

Since Audirvana goes deep into the system to function properly, that’s what worries me the most. It is however, entirely possible that my fear is unfounded in the case where Audirvana is nowhere near as complex as a DAW, which would probably be the most logical case.

But like I said, I don’t have enough experience with Audirvana on different OSs to make an informed decision, and I LOVE how 3.5 sounds. I’d literally pay them to copy the code from 3.5 without the streaming options and call that True Origin instead without any of the new features whatsoever, only receiving maintenance updates for OS updates and upgrades. I’m willing to accept that if it guarantees me the sound of 3.5 for years to come. Companies need to keep generating income, that’s understandable, and that’s coming from someone who absolutely hates greedy companies (not alluding to Audirvana).

But for me personally, they practically eliminated what made Audirvana great sound-wise. After writing my initial post, I tested Origin against Quicktime. From a scale of 1 to 10, I found Quicktime to be a 3, Origin a 6, and 3.5 a 9.

Unfortunately, I’m forced to upgrade soon to Monterey as it will become much more difficult for me to do so later when Catalina will no longer receive Security Updates. This is my main Mac for practically everything, including internet use. I’d love to keep it as is and just use it for music, but that’s not an option.

Anyway, I appreciate the message and the info, it was reassuring to an extent. Thanks!

I’m running macOS 12.3.1 Monterey on both my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro and my 2017 MacBook Air.
And I have installed Audirvana 3.5 on both. And it works fine on both systems.

I wouldn’t worry about 3.5 not working on a more recent system than Catalina.

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Audirvana has no impact to sound, because sounds HW connected to PC (DAC as example).
All digital part has no effects in case we have DAC that hasn’t use power from PC (as example optical our or USB for DAC with addition power supply).

BitPerfect are transferred from file.
All other things are 0 from music side and used in advert reasons.

Hey, how about when upgrading form 3.5 to Origin, will I still able to use the 3.5?



With streaming from Qobuz with 3.5 and AS you don’t have to close one of them.


Thank you. I guess the remote is the one need to log out to be able to control the other. I did the origin trial and will do the upgrade. I was looking for music playback that i could between my two systems and glad this AO/AS can do.