Can I narrow the results for artist searches in the Qobuz catalog?

I stopped using the Qobuz desktop app for Windows 64-bit because it was buggy and gave me numerous playback issues. I bought Audirvana and now I can stream music of any sample rate from Qobuz using Wasapi exclusive output to my favorite DAC and it runs smoothly and sounds great.

But when it comes to searching for artists, I keep going back to the Qobuz app, because within the Qobuz app if I search for Kate Bush or Paul Simon, I get a link to the artist page, which has a click link to “View all releases” and it takes me to a page where I see all the albums in all the different versions by the given artist, in order of popularity, and I scroll down and favorite the ones I want to check out.

However, when I search the Qobuz catalog within Audirvana for an search term, I get four columns: Tracks, Albums, Artists, and Playlists, and then I select the artist name that matches my search (in this case, Paul Simon let’s say) and click, and what do I see? Row after row of albums by a motley array of artists of all different names, with albums by Paul Simon himself interspersed willy nilly amid the cornucopia of albums which apparently are tagged as ‘paul simon’ because the albums include one or more songs written by Simon, but not actually performed by him. It is so confusing to try to sort thru these search results that I have to open my Qobuz app to search and then select the ones I want to explore by favoriting them, after which they will show up in the Audirvana window.

This doesn’t happen so much with more oddball or marginal artists (like Gong or Dream Syndicate for example) since those artists don’t have slews of recordings by other artists covering their material.

Is there some search setting in Audirvana that I can use to narrow down search results to only the relevant ones I want to see?


Hello @ferrarabrainpan, the result you get from the artist page in Audirvana is automatically sorted by release date. In fact you can’t change this settings since it depends on Qobuz API that doesn’t allow us to use other sorting possibility

Thanks for that explanation.

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