Can no longer load VSTs with version 3.4.916 - Audirvana crashes


With this update:

  • Selecting either the “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” or “ASIO4ALL v2”, then

  • Selecting “VST3 plug-ins - Use VST effects”, then

  • Displays the usual “Retrieving VST3 plugins list…” message, then

  • Melodyne Studio 4.2.3 crashes, then

  • A popup: “Audirvana has exited unexpectedly - a miniDump file has been generated. Do you want to show it in Explorer?”, but

  • The directory shown in the message box doesn’t exist. It’s shown as:

There is no Audirvana subdirectory in C:\Users<myname>\AppData\Local.

When I create the subdirectory and reproduce the crash in Audirvana, there is still no dump file.

I uninstalled Melodyne as a test, but ended up with the “Audirvana has exited unexpectedly…” just the same.

Thank you ~


Same problems with Audirvana studio
Same message. Same problem with Melodyne,
I uninstalled it, but the problem with VST’s remain. Cannot add anything.
Many crashes in playback and adding my library … many problems generally
I hope they fix 'em in newer updates,
In the other hand the sound is very good …when it works … :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. Unfortunate that it still persists