Cannot change audio output

Hi. I am having problems changing the audio output within the app on my Mac. Once I select an output, say to on of my RPi over UPnP running Ropieee if I go back later to select another output I can’t change it. I click and click on other choices but nothing will select and it’s stuck on the last output used. Happens everytime I’m using the app and whether I use the remote control app or the Mac desktop app directly. The only way is to close the Mac app completely and relaunch.

Did you stop the playback first?

Yes, playback had been stopped for quite a while. Tonight I hadn’t even started playback after launching the desktop app and I couldn’t change the output away from the last one used when the app last ran. I just didn’t change the output soon enough after launch - it always locks up after a short time.

Check if hog mode is on.

Are you sure you Stopped the playback using the square button?

Ah. Now in all honesty perhaps not so maybe that’s it. What was puzzling was the fact I couldn’t change the output soon after quitting and restarting on the Mac, but I think I might have accidentally clicked to play an album (stray click) then abandoned it but maybe was not fully stopped. Since my Mac woke up this am with Audirvana still running I have no problems switching outputs. Haven’t played anything yet. I’ll make sure I do proper stop play now and hopefully it will be fine. Thanks.

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