Cannot install on Windows 10: certificate error

Dear all,
I don’t know what stupid idea caught me by surprise this week-end but I decided to give AS on PC a try!
Yes, on a PC! Yes, with this (§è!çà of Windows.

I was already anticipating that something will obviously go wrong, but I could not imagine that the worst appears before installing AS.

When I clicked on the package, I only got a window from App-installer apparently, telling me that the app is not trusted (As if Windows itself could be trusted…).

So, from that point, I don’t know what to do. At least on Mac Os, when an app is not recognized, you have a way to bypass the check. On Windows, we went from a kind of collander to a wall made of concrete: it’s all or nothing, the only two possible states of mind of morons.

What could I do now? I am on Win 10 Pro (yes, yes, that thing exists).

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hahahhahaha!! Waouww! IM BE LIEV ABLE!!
I went to a MS website supposed to help the poor user! MISTAKE!

It says " When you have this error message about certificate, … Install THE certificate on the machine". Waow!
When you have a flat tire, replace it!!
Thanks good Genie! Thanks Mr Gates (A cousin of Mr Doors but not for inside?).

Finally, I went to Google and found on StackOverflow a post dated of 2014 that explained how to get the cert from the app package and install it.
And, guess what, it worked!
I’m not saying anything on the number of clicks required to get access to the “install button” for the cert…

So, mr or Mrs MS, why in your bloody app-installer thing did you decide not to add an option to retrieve the cert in the package and ask the user if he wants to install it?
Oh, yes, thank you, I obviously know the answer, I know you Mr or Mrs MS for more than 40 years…

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Oh, and I forgot to mention it: AS on the PC is not very much reliable! There are multiple and repetitive short interruption of sound that makes the thing unlistenable.
I only have 8GB of RAM and size the audio buffer to 2GB but I did not get any improvement…