Cannot sort playlist in Mac desktop app

I am unable to sort my local library playlists on the macOS dekstop app. I have the option to sort in ascending or descending order the following fields:


However, not matter which column I click in, either ascending or descending order, the view of the playlist songs in the app does not change to reflect my sort preferences.

Either I am doing something wrong, or this is a bug in a very basic feature that I really need because Audirvana allows you to add the same song into a playlist multiple times. It doesn’t warn you that the song is already in the playlist. So, if I can sort by song title then I can find the duplicates and remove them.

In fact, I just checked and I cannot sort ANY playlists at all - TIDAL, QOBUZ or local library playlists. This is for macOS desktop Audirvana version 3.5.33.

Hello @TazLondon, have you enabled this in the Settings of Audirvana under the sort criteria section?

Hi Damien, thank you, this is now working for my local Library playlists that I have manually created.

However, I still cannot sort my Qobuz and TIDAL playlists. When I click the up and down chevrons (arrows) for any Qobuz or TIDAL playlist, then nothing happens. Is there another setting for sorting those?

Hi everybody,
I’am a new user and I have the same problems with all playlists (local and Tidal / Mac OS desktop app).
I enabled in the settings “Sort also Manual Playlists” and “Sort Streaming Owned Playlists”.
Unfortunately without success.
Everything works fine in the library, the only problem is in the playlists.
Does anyone have any idea how to fix the issue ?
I would be very grateful for your help.

Hello @urobauer, can you make screenshot of your Sorting criteria setting and a screenshot of one of your playlist in Audirvana?

Hello Damien3,
thank you for your quick response.
Here are the screenshots :

I now better understand your issue, your are using Music synchronization. This sync method in Audirvana do not allow you to sort playlist hosted in Music as the app clock it.

If you want to be able to sort those playlist you will have to use the first sync method in Audirvana and export your playlist from Music and import it in Audirvana.

Thank you for the explanation.
If I import the entire iTunes library, i can sort the whole thing by all criteria but I’ve lost my iTunes playlists.
Which folder do I have to import to use my iTunes playlists ?

Their is no folder to import your iTunes playlist, you need to click on the + next to playlist in Audirvana and select import playlist.

I had some difficulties importing the playlists but now it worked.
The problem of sorting the local files is solved. Thanks a lot for this.
Unfortunately, the problem remains with the streaming-playlists.
Any idea how to fix the issue ?

I can’t see the settings for streaming playlists you put in Audirvana in your screenshot, can you make a screenshot of this specific section?

Here is the screenshot with the settings for streaming playlists.
In the meantime, another little problem occurred:
2 of 35 iTunes playlists could not be imported even after several attempts.

Hello @Damien3,
in the meantime I may have found the reason of non imported playlists:
all playlists that could not have been imported from iTunes contained more than 1000 tracks.
If I reduced the number to less than 1000 songs, the playlist could be imported without any problems.
Does anyone have any idea on how to completely import larger Playlists from iTunes ?

  • Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a way to sort my Tidal and Quobuz streaming-playlists yet.
    So they are of very limited use for me.
    I would be very thankful for any help.