Cannot sort playlist in Mac desktop app

I am unable to sort my local library playlists on the macOS dekstop app. I have the option to sort in ascending or descending order the following fields:


However, not matter which column I click in, either ascending or descending order, the view of the playlist songs in the app does not change to reflect my sort preferences.

Either I am doing something wrong, or this is a bug in a very basic feature that I really need because Audirvana allows you to add the same song into a playlist multiple times. It doesn’t warn you that the song is already in the playlist. So, if I can sort by song title then I can find the duplicates and remove them.

In fact, I just checked and I cannot sort ANY playlists at all - TIDAL, QOBUZ or local library playlists. This is for macOS desktop Audirvana version 3.5.33.

Hello @TazLondon, have you enabled this in the Settings of Audirvana under the sort criteria section?

Hi Damien, thank you, this is now working for my local Library playlists that I have manually created.

However, I still cannot sort my Qobuz and TIDAL playlists. When I click the up and down chevrons (arrows) for any Qobuz or TIDAL playlist, then nothing happens. Is there another setting for sorting those?