Cannot upsample without the sound being choppy

My current setup consists of:

  1. 2019 MacBook Pro (2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 w/16gb of RAM), running Catalina
  2. Audirvana (3.5.29)
  3. Sonore Ultrarendu (2.7)
  4. T+A DAC8 DSD (latest firmware)
  5. Tidal (Hi-Fi)
  6. Spectrum ISP - Speed test is 200 down, 10 up

When streaming 16/44.1 through Tidal, everything sounds fine. However, when I attempt to “upsample” via Audirvana, the music is choppy. So far, the only “upsampling type” that works is “x2 only”, but for about the first 5 seconds, the music is “choppy”. However, once it syncs, the sound is excellent! Besides “x2 only”, none of the other Audirvana upsampling types work properly. They’re all choppy from beginning to end, but the little bit I can decipher, sounds glorious! The Ultrarendu is connected to the DAC8’s USB input with a quality cable.

I have sent emails to T+A and Sonore as well, to see if they’re aware of any issues or have any recommendations. Does anyone know what the issue may be? I would like to experiment and take advantage of upsampling & DSD. Thank you.

We had reproduced this issue and it’s a UltraRendu issue with high frequency, you should contact Sonore if they already have an fix for it.