Can't add Artist artwork, is it normal for now?

I can’t add artwork to any artist, when I drag and drop the image into the box it does nothing (contrary to album artwork). I’ve tried alot of file dimensions and nothing can solve it, am I missing something here ?
Artist artwork is for now the artwork of the first album that is displayed when clicking on the artist in the “Artist” view, and the artist artwork appears empty when clicking on any artist in order to display albums. Any solutions ?

Thanks, Aaron.

Hi @AaronLaid,

Are you using the Windows or MacOS version of Audirvāna Origin so I can try to reproduce your issue?

The Windows 10 version.

It seems that it’s something missing when you do not already have a picture for an artist/album. After you add one, the drag and drop works normally. Anyway we need to change this is it works whatever the circumstances.