Can't add Tidal tracks to playlists

Hi, I just purchased Audirvana today and I’m quite happy with it.

Just some small issues:

1/ I can’t add Tidal tracks to Tidal playlist directly in Audirvana. Also Tidal playlist remains “new playlist” after I create and rename it. My workaround is to open Tidal app and organize my playlists from there and Audirvana displays accordingly.

2/ Is it possible to create a playlist that has both Tidal tracks and my own tracks ?

Thank you !

Thanks for the report.

  1. I’ve reproduce this issue in some views. It’ll be fixed for build 1029.

  2. Not yet. I may add this in a future version, but not in short term.


Hi Damien,

Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I see the problem still exists in build 1029. The Tidal playlist remains “New Playlist” until I turn off the program and run it again, yet I still can’t add tracks to the playlist.

Fixed this in 1.0.3 build 1030 I’ve just released.
You may want to restart Audirvana Plus to get the update…

It finally works!

Thank you so much for your effort Damien!