'Can't Find Your Account'

Tried to log into Audirvana site, because I wanted to see what the preferential price for Origin was for Previous Adv licence holders. However, It says ‘We can’t seem to find your account’. It’s the email address that I used to buy Adv (The Paddle invoice was delivered there, and all my Adv-related correspondence is under that address).

So, what gives?

And what is the pricing for Origin for previous Audirvana licence holders?

send a mail to [email protected]
They are the ones that can help you with your account. Forum members can’t.

Hm. Maybe I won’t bother: while there may be an improvement in SQ, I haven’t been able to listen enough to draw a firm conclusion, because all I get from the remote app is ‘Loading’… ‘Waiting’… unresponsive controls… In my admittedly limited experience with it, it appears to be a load of gash…

Using Classic Adv, the remote app is much more responsive and rarely hangs.