Cant play radio stations

I forgot to ask you, which OS you are using? Windows10 or MacOS?

Mac OS Big Sur 11.4

How many radio station you have in My Radios?

20 total. I can remove some though.

I had several Calm Radio ones. Removed them all and restarted Studio a few times. Total now down to 14 with others saved and those removed. So far they are sticking.

I only have 10 saved and it occurs every time. I actually thought it was resolved after yesterday’s upgrade as I was able to play radio via the remote last night. However I’ve just tried and it’s failing again.

This and BBC radio being low res are the only issues I have with AS now :slight_smile:

Radio stations don’t show up with the macOS version of the app, but do show up when using the iOS app to connect to the Mac. Why is that?

Why has taken so long to fix the Radio station part of this app?


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