Can't save AU settings on Mac

Hi guys - I’ve just installed Audirvana on a Macbook M1 and Macbook Pro 2011. On neither device can I save AU presets that I load into the AUNBandEQ plugin. I’ve created some EQ settings using the same plugin with Audacity, exported the curve data, then imported the data into AUNBand on Audirvana. The resulting curve shows correctly (although the data in the Parameter Values section does not reflect the curve) but whether I then click on the SAVE button in the plugin window or save the preset or both, Audirvana does not “remember” the settings. Clicking on Configure will then always show no EQ curve. Also, when I play a song, the AUNBand window appears (with flat EQ). If I import the curve data from above, it has zero effect on the song being played.
What am I missing?


Ok found the fix. I need to manually input the freq., Q and Gain parameters manually then save the preset. Once saved the preset and performs its EQ’ing ok. But now I have two other issues.

  1. I can’t export the curve data to a text file as I can in Audacity. No matter how many times I try to export, nothing gets saved - no file, nothing at all.
  2. Although the preset works, I can’t get a curve overlay display. This isn’t a major issue but it’s nice to see at a glance the EQ curves. If I import a curve data file created by Audacity, I do get the overlay. But even if I then save the preset and go back in, the curve overlay is gone. Here’s what the preset looks like after I import a curve file created in Audacity :

And this is what it looks like after I save the preset then go back in to view it :

Thanks again,


Umm…any thoughts/ideas on this?

Same problem for me. AUNBandEQ settings don’t seem to be saved or exported! These are such basic bugs and it’s really disappointing given how good Audirvana could be if it got the simple things working.